Electronic signature in Mexico

Many of us are watching from our homes how a virus has spread throughout the planet, turning into a pandemic causing fear and confusion. Likewise, it has also served to see how different movements are being created to alleviate the effects that this virus has brought with it.

Every day, whether through social networks or television, we are spectators of how people come together in different ways, whether it is through common songs in neighborhoods, or sharing moments at a distance with the same illusion as if they were together. Without a doubt, this virus will mark a before and after.

No one knows for sure when everything will return to normal. But really what is normality?

It seemed that lately what was considered normal was a distancing from interpersonal relationships, a society tending to self-centeredness, which had difficulties in appreciating what it possessed. If you asked me if I want to return to that normality, I could answer 100 times that I never want to return.

I want a normality where we can all be participants in aid movements, where people evolve from being sedentary people, without interest in others, to being nomadic people who do not stop moving in search of ways to exploit their creativity to alleviate the situation that we are living. For example, giving a different use to tools that already existed, and molding them to the needs of the moment.

Issues that used to be as simple as going to the supermarket, shopping for clothes, going to the bar became impossible for some in a matter of days, however, we did not give up, on the contrary, we united against a common enemy, leaving behind our differences, since in the end we are all human, of flesh and blood. Even many family and friendship relationships that we once had, but that we let slip, come back again. It seems that we are humanizing and remembering what was really important. At the end of the day, being within a society means not standing idly by, ,but engangin in the society and aiding into its continuing improvement and evolution.

In the age in which we live, it is even more difficult to know what normality is. The common enemy is uniting us as a society and causing many people to find themselves in situations of difficult complexity, such as closure of companies, uncertainties, self-employed giving up, that is, situations that involve a large part of society ” not knowing what will happen tomorrow ”, and, above all, what future may lie ahead. It is for this reason that now is the time when States and their politicians must rise to the level of their citizens.

We must understand as a society that this is a turning point, from which new adventures will begin, new forms of work will be created, and new visions will emerge. It is always said that after the storm calm comes, and this storm will be remembered forever. Future generations will study it in their history books, as we have studied on epidemics that hit various parts of the planet, and how those episodes were survived. This is the episode that we have had to live through, and it is the first one that occurs in the digital age, in a hyperconnected world, which has the opportunity to reboot and improve.

The improvement may be together, but as individuals each must do his part. Understanding the seriousness of the situation is the beginning, and staying home is only part of it. The second part is to put yourself in the situation of the rest, and understand that we are all in the same situation, and that we can all overcome this situation.

We at Leypal do not have much to offer, but we do offer an electronic signature platform that we make available to those who need it completely free of charge so that, in some way, and we hope, their day-to-day work will not be so adversely affected. We hope that our tool will serve for a certain standardization of being able to work remotely, or to continue having business relationships. If we manage to help a person, then we will have already accomplished our task.

Now as a personal request, I have started a project with a couple of friends that we currently call the Covid-19 Fundraise Project (DAO), whose objective is to create an association to raise funds and allocate them to whoever may need them. We have already met our minimum to say the least, by being able to receive masks from a member of China, to distribute them in Spain. This has been the first incentive to make us turn to this project. Anyone is welcome, since, in these times, every pair of hands is necessary.

I, Edwin Mata, and the entire Leypal team are at your disposal to help in whatever may be necessary, and this is so, as long as this project exists. Tomorrow no one will know what can happen, and that is why I invite those who have given me their time to read this post, to extend their hands to those who need it, as the world has clicked on the reboot button , and we just have to login again.