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    The electronic signature is a simple and legal way to sign documents. It has binding force, and worldwide recognition. It provides greater security than the manuscript signature, by collecting all the evidence of the signing process, and not allowing modifications to the documents.
    Leypal users have a control panel from where they can consult and control the entire signing process. From this panel, you can check the status of any document that needs to be signed (sent, pending signature or signed), the history of the signed documents, the documentary file and the record of supporting documents generated in each operation. In addition, the panel has an automated alert system to inform you at all times of the status of the signature requests.
    Leypal provides the highest levels of security and confidentiality. The data is accessed through a secure HTTPS channel that uses 256-bit AES encryption and a SSL 256-bit encryption. In addition, documents sent through the platform are encrypted to avoid any type of unauthorized access.
    To achieve maximum security and legal validity, we recommend that each member has their own user. Our platform allows teams to be created, so that there is an administrator who can manage all users and verify their use of the platform.
    Leypal is committed to finding the precise plan that best serves the needs of your business. If your organization has special needs, or needs an integration via API, CONTACT US for more information.
    When you send a certified email (electronic registered delivery service), Leypal sends an email to the recipient with a link so they can read the communication. In addition, a copy of it is stored on our servers for the time stipulated by law. This process generates an evidentiary document, which collects all the evidence of the process such as: delivered to the user’s mailbox, delivered to the destination server, incorrect address, etc. Our certifying document allows you to ascertain that you sent a communication, the content of it, and the time it was delivered and/or read along with the recipient’s IP address.
    We are compatible with all operating systems, both computers and mobile. Leypal does not require that any type of software be installed or any additional application is downloaded in order to sign and use our trust services.
    The main difference between the simple electronic signature and the advanced electronic signature is the signer’s identification. While the simple electronic signature does not allow direct identification of the signer, in the advanced electronic signature it is an indispensable requirement. This difference is key when signing contracts, as the advanced electronic signature provides a greater burden of proof to the signing process. However, its use is not mandatory, so we can help you create the optimal signature flows according to the case.
    Leypal generates a certifying document where the email is registered (both the recipient and the sender), the name of the document and the exact place and moment of the signature. In addition, the certifying document includes a time stamp generated by a Qualified Trust Service Provider, which protects the integrity of the document, by not allowing any type of modification on the signed document, and provides exact accuracy to the moment of signing. All these electronic evidences provide legal validity to the process.
    You can cancel or change plans at any time, as long as you comply with our Terms and Conditions, which you accept when contracting our services.
    The recipients of our trust services do not need an account with us. On the other hand, we will never make commercial communications or of any kind to these recipients.
    Leypal complies with Regulation (EU) 910/2014, source of various regulations in third countries. Our firm is valid worldwide.
    Yes, by complying with Regulation (EU) 910/2014, you can use our electronic signature for SEPA mandates.
    Because it is not necessary to install additional applications to send to sign.
    Time stamping is an online mechanism that ensures that a series of data have existed in a certain time, and that these have not been altered since then. We use it to certify the exact moment a signature has been produced, and to protect the integrity of the documents.
    It depends on the burden of proof you want to have. The simple signature does not allow the identification of the signer, while the advanced signature does, and therefore grants greater legal certainty to the signing process, and has a greater burden or proof. However, there are processes in which the speed of the simple signature allows a higher ratio of signed documents, so sometimes this type of signature may be of interest. We are experts in electronic signature, and in digitalization of signature processes, so CONTACT US and we will gladly help you choose.